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Quick Facts

26,4% of the settlements surveyed have no clinic or hospital.

The issue most often listed as a top priority in the settlements surveyed is water & sanitation.

Latest Stories

Re-blocking & Resilience in Canumay East, Manila

05 Dec 2018

This case study was prepared by the Homeless People's Federation of the Phi ...

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Know Your City takes Latin America by storm!

31 Oct 2018

Earlier this month, delegates from countries across Latin America ga ...

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Remembering Jockin Arputham: SDI's president, leader, mentor, & friend

15 Oct 2018

By Joel Bolnick, lifelong friend and colleague, and manager of SDI Secre ...

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Know Your City: the Process, the Platform, and the Campaign

10 Oct 2018

The end of 2017 marked the end of a four-year strategic planning period ...

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"SDI empowers women to speak about their needs."

- Khadija Kingi, Homeless, People's Federation of Tanzania

"SDI – a group of countries working together. If we were just one country, we would not achieve that."

- Sazini Sdlovu, Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation

"Data collection assists in ensuring that the data will reflect the situation on the ground and will also assist government and community members in planning for better services and upgrading."

- Mama Edith Mbanga, Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia

"We have decision making powers now. This is true in Uganda and also across the network."

- Hassan Kiberu, National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda

"Before I joined the federation, I was just a normal woman sitting around. Now men ask me for help!"

- Victoria Kossam, Homeless People’s Federation of Malawi

"I am poor, but rich in mind."

- Alexander Mbarimuuo, Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia

"Joining the federation was like starting life."

- Patrick Matsemela, Federation of the Urban and Rural Poor, South Africa