UPFI loan to amplify work of Uganda federation

02 May 2010

By Jack Makau, SDI Secretariat  The Urban Poor Fund International (UPFI) announced that it intends to provide major support to Uganda’s new urban poor fund, named the Suubi Development Initiative. The Ugandan National...

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Beyond the Board

29 Apr 2010

By Louise Cobbett, SDI Secretariat In keeping with SDI’s method of learning through exchanges, Dan Ericsson the Swedish Secretary of State and UPFI Board Member, engaged with the communities of Joe...

Whither the "supermayor," the private sector?

16 Apr 2010

By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI secretariatThe Financial Times had an interesting special magazine last week on “the future of cities.” Many of the articles highlighted some of the basic phenomena affecting...

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Culture, identity and slum areas: opportunities and challenges seen from slu ...

14 Apr 2010

By Sheela Patel, SPARCAdapted from remarks given at Habitat Norway's panel discussion on "The role of cultural heritage in poor urban settlements," 5 October 2009, in Oslo.Despite the rapid spread...

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SDI Goes Google

07 Apr 2010

By Louise Cobbett and Jack Makau, SDI Secretariat  With the Internet cementing it’s place as the gateway for any - and all- information, it makes sense for the communities of urban...

"Governments survive on the Urban Poor majority"

25 Mar 2010

By Louise Cobbett, SDI secretariatOn the final day of discussions at the World Urban Forum, SDI hosted its second networking session entitled People's Organization and the Struggle for the Inclusive...

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Mukuru and Huruma: A study in contrasts

25 Mar 2010

pictured above: Mukuru residents examine the new eviction order from Kenya Railways Corporation.By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI secretariatAs I have already discussed earlier this week, enumerations create enough anxiety due to...

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IBSA and Enumerations: WUF Day 2

24 Mar 2010

By Louise Cobbett, SDI secretariatThe second day opened with the same unforgiving humidity that Rio is famous for. Let there be no confusion – it is very, very hot here,...

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South Africa

Contestations along the Nairobi railway lines

23 Mar 2010

pictured above: Muli Munguti sells his wares in an area dominated by business stalls along the railway lines in Mukuru informal settlement in Nairobi.By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI secretariatThe railway relocation...

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