SDI Makes a Splash at World Urban Forum

23 Mar 2010

By Louise Cobbett, SDI Secretariat  Slum Dwellers International is, by far, the largest delegation at the fifth World Urban Forum, which is being held in the city of Rio de Janeiro,...

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Action on the ground: Day 1 at the WUF

22 Mar 2010

By Louise Cobbett and Jack Makau, SDI secretariatThe first day of the World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, began with SDI making a grand – and visual –...

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South Africa

Counting Kibera: the challenge of engagement

19 Mar 2010

By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI secretariatThe Kenyan federation, Mungano wa wanavijiji, kicked off an enumeration of the railway line slum of Kibera in Nairobi this week. The survey process there is...

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Stops and Starts in Kibera

18 Mar 2010

By Jack Makau, SDI Secretariat   Introduction This paper describes the typical Slum Dwellers International enumeration. SDI works specifically in slum and shack settlements, which are very dense, unplanned and where you...

Slum mapping: threat or opportunity?

12 Mar 2010

pictured above: Bhubaneswar staff learn to identify and map settlements using Google Maps.By Alyssa Battistoni, SPARCResidents of India’s slums have long faced the threat of eviction from or destruction of...

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SDI Bulletin: Beyond a legal framework for "meaningful engagement" in South ...

11 Mar 2010

pictured above: FEDUP's Alfred Gabuza (far right) speaks at a meeting of the Informal Settlement Network in Roodeplaat, South Africa, on 20 February 2010.By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI secretariatAdapted from remarks...

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South Africa

Approvals signed for land in Uganda

19 Feb 2010

pictured above: Federation leader Patrick Biija (standing) explains savings and the process of federation to the Jinja Central Division chairman (left) and senior assistant town clerk (right).By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI...

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Rebuilding an urban poor fund

15 Feb 2010

By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI secretariatOne of the key challenges of urban poverty is to find people-driven solutions to housing finance. An innovation of many federations in the SDI network has...

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Rebuilding the Fund

12 Feb 2010

By Benjamin Bradlow and Louise Cobbett, SDI Secratariat  Though the past decade has been traumatic for Zimbabweans of all socioeconomic stripes, the urban poor likely have borne the greatest burden of...