Earthquake in Haiti

14 Jan 2010

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our partners and everyone else in Haiti. We will be sharing more information as we receive it.Below is a message from Ana Paula...

SDI Bulletin: The cruel contest between community organization and state cor ...

06 Jan 2010

By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI secretariat; photos by Irene Karanja, Pamoja TrustBy early December, ordinary people living on the riparian reserve in Deep Sea informal settlement had organized themselves to move...

Government as "outsourcer", government as "facilitator"

06 Jan 2010

By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI secretariatDavid A. Smith of the Affordable Housing Institute has a great post about a Federation of the Urban Poor (FEDUP) - led enumeration in Durban last...

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South Africa

Zimbabwe fed builds on housing convention gains

04 Jan 2010

By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI secretariatThe Zimbabwean Homeless People's Federation put on a real show at October's National Housing Convention in Victoria Falls with an eye-catching double-storey housing model, and song...

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04 Jan 2010

By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI secretariatHello and welcome to SDI's brand new blog! Shack / Slum Dwellers International (some people say "Shack," others say "Slum") is an alliance that has brought...

Women Savers Meet in Bolivia

10 Dec 2009

By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI Secretariat Part I -- Bolivia: New Freedoms in the Home of the Bolivarian Dream Though named after the liberator of much of South America, Simón Bolivar, many...

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Federation opens houses in Livingstone, Zambia

03 Dec 2009

By Louise Cobbett, SDI Secretariat   Slum Dwellers International were the main participants in a Housing Forum in Livingstone Zambia that was organized in late November 2009 by the Zambia Homeless and...

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Eviction Train Rolls into Alberton

12 Nov 2009

By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI Secretariat   No trains enter the old train station in Alberton, situated at the western edge of the Ekurhuleni metro municipality in Gauteng. They stopped years ago, shortly...

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South Africa

Eviction of the Aoko Road Traders, Nairobi, Kenya

11 Nov 2009

By Louise Cobbett, SDI Secretariat  On the 4th of November 09, the Nairobi City Council served the Aoko Road Traders of Nairobi with a 48-hour notice of eviction, however by midnight...