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The annual report highlights that private sector, government and local authorities are increasingly supporting the community-driven process of NHAG/SDFN to tackle the obstacles of informal settlements. The report shows an increased interest of Local Authorities to collaborate with communities organized by SDFN. The increasing emphasis on ‘peoples housing solutions’ in Namibia has led to the growth, acknowledgment of local initiatives and innovations led by NHAG/SDFN. We thank all stakeholders for your kind contribution to improving living conditions of low-income communities.

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Published in December 1997, this important document outlines years of experience in the sanitation sector for one of SDI's oldest affiliates to whom much is owed in the way of learning on how to provide affordable and accessible sanitation options to urban poor communities.


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This report serves as the close-out report for SDI’s Basket Fund-supported implementation of the SDI Strategic Plan 2013-2017. The Basket Fund represents a commitment from SDI’s partners to join a global network of slum dweller organizations in their long-term struggle to combat poverty and exclusion in cities.


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A petition requesting the government of Kenya to stop the forced evictions against the urban poor and to resettle them within the framework of the government's Agenda 4 Program.


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This booklet shares the story of Ruo Emoh (Our Home, spelt backwards) - a housing project through which 49 families have moved into homes on a well-located piece of infill land in Colorado Park in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town. Community organising and planning for Ruo Emoh started in 1997 and continued over twenty years. Administrative and political regulations and obstacles, as well as neighbouring ratepayers’ interventions, repeatedly delayed the project. Nevertheless, the community’s persistence eventually paid off. The housing project was completed and Ruo Emoh’s 49 families moved into their new homes on December 22nd, 2017.